VCrown is a Photographer specializing in Lifestyle Photography living halfway between Palo Alto, CA, USA, and Spain. When shooting he looks for Presences. Moments of intensity desappearing, intensity in the gesture. Auto de fe of the personality of the being. What we don´t want but possess. What we are and don´t want. Part of the Genesis.

Although originally his education was centered in International Relation at Bradford University, Uk, and the Johns Hopkins, SAIS, US and Italy, due to intensive world travelling VCrown developed a professional eye for photography. Visiting and living in more than 40 countries around the world made an impact in his way of capturing images.

His projects include:

Official Photographer International Women´s Day San Francisco, Official Photographer Earth Day San Francisco,  Photographer for San Francisco Street Food Festival, Photographer at Supreme Beings Conceptual Fashion Show, Flora of the Spanish Royal Botanical Gardens, Madrid, Chelsea Flower Show., Biodiversity Station of Torretes, Mediterranean Spain, Alicante, Private Gardens., Architects. Antoni Gaudi the Architect of Nature., Private Gardens of Latin America., Palo Alto Neighborhoods and ParksBonsaiGastrobotanyHorticultureLandscape Architecture, Landscape Photography, Mining Landscapes, Botanical PhotographyAncient Civilization and Archeology, Gastronomy Blog Crónicas desde lo Mejor de la Gastronomia, World Chef Portraits, Silicon Valley LifestyleGastronomy The New AlphabetTea CeremonyIkebana Art, Art of SuisekiPhoto EssayMediterranean Floral CivilizationsSocial Design Photography, Black&White Photography, Leading Thinkers Portraits, Education and Technology , Fashion and Backstage, Landscape Photography, Ferran Adria, Joan Roca., Open Circumstances


Featured Photographer: Vincent Crown at Talent House

El mundo de la fotografía gastronómica de la mano de uno de los mejores, Sabor Madrid.

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