A Peripatetic Floral Search

περιπατητικός peripatêtikos or given to walking about

peripa^t-êtikos, ê, on, of walking, dunamis Alex. Aphr.de An.110.31.


given to walking about, esp. while teaching or disputing: of Aristotle and his followers (cf. peripatos 11.3), Supp.Epigr.1.368.5 (Samos, iii/ii B.C.), Demetr.Lac.Herc.1055.19, Phld.Acad.Ind.p.112 M., Cic.Acad.Post.1.4.17, Ceb.13 (-patikoi is f.l.), Plu.2.1115a, Luc.Herm.14, CIG4814c Add. (Egypt); ta p. their doctrines, Posidon.36 J., Cic.Att.13.19.4; hê p. philosophia S.E.M.11.179.




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