Flower, Physics and Botanical Photography

Flower Physics and Botanical Photography : Evolution and Transformation: ἐντροπία

In this new post about VCrown Botanical Photography I elaborate about the connectivity between the world of flora and physics. Concepts and ideas such as brain plasticity, flower entropy, our picture of the universe, space and time, the expanding universe, truth proof and insight, wormholes and time travel are allegorically explained through macro floral photography.

Here I list the ideas I follow, adopt it from physics, when shooting:

1. Energy is not continuous. It Comes in small but discrete units.
2. Elementary particles behave like particles and waves.
3. Movement of particles is inherently random.
4. It is impossible, physically impossible, to know both the position and the momentum of a particle at the same time.
5. Matter is affected by Mind.


That is how I see and feel botanical photography. Every time I shoot parallel worlds open and therefore I perceive new things.

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