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Urban Ecology and Botanical Photography

Urban Ecology and Botanical Photography

Urban ecology:

In the field of ecology urban ecology is defined as a subfield dealing with the interaction between organisms in an urban or urbanized community and their interaction with that community. Urban Ecology is in some way the study of the integration of rivers, wildlife, tress, etc into the city.


Using Ecosystems Ecology helps us to understand what are the threats of a urban environment to humans, bringing as a consequence, improvements in the design of healthier communities.

In this post titled Urban Ecology and Botanical Photography VCrown introduces as to  Urban Ecology through a number of botanical photography sets labeled as follows:

  • Architectural Values
  • Balanced Development
  • Connectivity
  • City Walk
  • Design for Pedestrian
  • Sustainability
  • Traditional Neighborhood Structure
  • Urban Landscape Deployment

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Urban Ecology

Urban Ecology through Floral Photography.

Six components of Urban Ecology explained through the use of  floral photography:

  1. Architectural Values:  “All fine architectural values are human values, else not valuable”. Frank Lloyd Wright
  2. Balanced Development: Continuous non opportunistic, long term harmony.
  3. Connectivity: The faculty to interact rapidly and efficiently.
  4. Design for Pedestrian: User friendly, pleasant, captivating.
  5. Sustainability: Capacity to endure
  6. Traditional Neighborhood Structure: Adapted to socio cultural needs, buoyant professional economy.

Architectural Values



Architectural Values Photo Document

Balanced Development


Balanced Development Photo Document



Connectivity Photo Document

Design for Pedestrians


Design for Pedestrians Photo Document



Sustainability Photo Document

Traditional Neighborhood Structure


Traditional Neighborhood Structure Photo Document

Urban Ecology Full Document

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