Esther Wojcicki: The Structure of Educational Revolutions

Esther Wojcicki: The Structure of Educational Revolutions

Monday, December 19, 2011.  I meet Esther Wojcicki in front of the Stanford Faculty Club. It is 09:00 am, it is cold but the sun shines.

Esther Wojcicki Portrait at Stanford 1

It is a very special moment. I am going to photograph and interview the world´s pioneer on the integration between Education and Technology. Thomas Kuhn and his Structure of Scientific Revolutions comes to my mind at a sudden.

I take a deep breath and unify all my senses, including the lens I use for portraits, to capture, listen and learn from the ideas of this Palo Alto High School Teacher who runs the most recognized and admired journalism program in the United States.

Esther Wojcicki Portrait at Stanford 2

Esther Wojcicki, I dare say, finds herself today in what Kuhn would call the third phase of the Educational Paradigm, the so called Revolutionary Science “in which the underlying assumptions of the educational field are reexamined and a new paradigm is established. After the new paradigm’s dominance is established, educators return to normal science, solving puzzles within the new paradigm”.

Verbi Gratia: My nephew Cesar, thanks to the IPad and its educational applications has experienced, in the last three months, a quantum leap in curing his dyslexia, learning at a breakneck speed to spell correctly and voluntarily reading IPads books avoiding the annoying effects of traditional education. My brother, a believer and a follower of Esther Wojcicki´s researches exploring the interface between education and technology is so happy with Cesar´s tremendous improvements.

I personally thanks Esther Wojcicki for her research and work, for she is always inspiring and because she is a Gallactic Jet to creativity, challenging our minds in the field of Human Education in the XXI Century.

Esther Wojcicki Portrait at Stanford 3

Esther Wojcicki teaches journalism and English at Palo Alto High School, she is Vice Chair at Creative Commons Board, she runs a blog at The Huffington Post and holds Consultant positions at Hewlett Foundation and Carnegie Foundation.

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