Denis Martin, The New Culinary Alphabet

Denis Martin, The New Culinary Alphabet

Denis Martin is to the Haute Cuisine what Salvador Dalí was to physics. Both Dali and Denis Martin drink from quantum physics to give a vision of their art, one in painting the other in gastronomy.


Denis Martin is a barriers breaker, his cuisine transcends the common habits and attitudes of stiff cuisine: He plays and creates fantasy worlds while enjoying at his restaurant in Vevey.

Einstein, un plat au visual sympa, as Denis Martin mentions, is one step beyond the lyric of Haute Cusine.


Here below I present some of the pictures taken at Lo Mejor de la Gastronomía. Superb.

As Denis Martin says: C’est toujours du bonheur pour moi de partager la connaissance avec d’autres amis cuisiniers

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