Galicia Food from Spain

Galicia Food from Spain

It was a surprise to Rodrigo de la Calle, his team and myself  when Roberto from Huerta Carabaña, one of Restaurante de la Calle Sponsors, showed up with this operas magnas of the Galician Gastronomy: Norway Lobsters, Galician Mussels, Bogavantes, meat pie (empanada de carne), octopus pie (empanada de pulpo) and Galician Quesada or Curd Cake (Quesada Gallega).

Thanks to Roberto from Huerta de Carabaña and Rodrigo de la Calle

Organic traditional bread from Galicia

The bite of the Norway Lobster

Opening the box of Norway Lobsters

Measuring the Length of a Norway Lobster

Norway Lobsters ready to eat

Galician Mussels 1

Galician Mussels 2

Opening a Box of Bogavantes

Claw of a Bogavante

Galician Bogavante

Galician Meat Pie

Galician Curd Cake

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