Pascal Barbot, L’Astrance

Pascal Barbot, Gastronomy The New Alphabet


Pascal Barbot, L’Astrance is the herald of the new french culinary Alphabet. Barbot, away from pomposity, grandeur and solemnity is the new enfant terrible of the french cuisine.

A master of  simplicity L’astrance and Pascal Barbot are the unifiers of mediterranean culinary habit.s A object of cult in the new fresh alphabet of french cuisine Barbot set the path for the new cooks, french above all.


Pascal Barbot number 16th in the cruel and famous S. Pellegrino List of the World´s Best Restaurtants will be very soon at the top five with his concept of no Restaurant Menu. So no idea about what you are going to taste before hand¡¡¡

Only fresh daily product will be used for the day and they will be cooked under Pascal Barbot creativity and savor-faire.


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