Portraits of Italian Chefs

Portraits of Haute  Cuisine Italian Chefs: the New Gastronomical Alphabet

Gastronomy and the New Gastronomical Alphabet of Ferran Adrià’s El Bulli extends its creativity with the knowledge and conceptual approaches of Haute Italian Cuisine Chefs as Davide Scabin form Combal.Zero, Moreno Cedroni from Madonnina del Pescatore, Mauro Uliassi from Uliassi, Mateo Baronetto from Cracco, Paolo Lopriore from Il Canto, Enrico and Roberto Cerea from Da Vittorio et al.

VCrown©2010 Moreno Cedroni

VCrown©2010 Matteo Baronetto, Cracco

The New Haute Italian Cuisine,  i maestri of the new gastronomical alphabet:  A new combination of tradition and innovation in the hands of the always magnificent not to say masters of the Art.

Bob Noto, Gastronomical Maestro and photographer, already refers  in his book “6, autoritratto della cucina italiana d’avanguardia” to Massimo Bottura, Moreno Cedroni, Carlo Cracco, Enrico Crippa, Paolo Lopriore and Davide Scabin.

The New Gastronomical Alphabet of Italian cuisine centers its developments in such areas as modern cooking methods, sperimentazione, development in areas such as perfumes, colors, sounds and atmospheres integration to recreate Palaces of the Senses to the Culinary Literated Customers.

VCrown©2010 Mauro Uliassi, Uliassi

But Italian cuisine needs a quantum leaps if they want to be in the top 10 Best World Restautants or S. Pellegrino List. And this quantum leap must come from a total renewal of tradition, the challenge to create new alphabets, a bit of anarchical order to liberate themselves from classicism, in other words, to be at the top they need a conjugation of Mastroinniasim and Dalinian concepts of art. No to forget the sharing and transfer of knowledge between them personally and through visits to their comrades restaurants, something, up to now, very rare.

VCrown©2010 Davide Scabin, Combal.Zero

The Italian Master are back. Get ready for their new Revolution in Haute Cuisine.

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