Ikebana Aesthetics

Japan Aesthetics

By the Japanese aesthetic we tend to mean but a set of ancient ideals that include wabi (transient and stark beauty), sabi (the beauty of natural patina and aging), and yûgen (profound grace and subtlety). Wabi and sabi refers to a mindful approach to everyday life.

Imperfect, Impermanent, and Incomplete.

Fukinsei: asymmetry, irregularity; Kanso: simplicity; Koko: basic, weathered; Shizen: without pretense, natural; Yugen: subtly profound grace, not obvious; Datsuzoku: unbounded by convention, free; Seijaku: tranquility, 幽玄, yügen, deep, dim, mysterious, digging change,

The following photodocument is part of a series about Japan Culture mainly devoted to Ikebana. Special thanks to:

  • Ikebana Workshop at the Royal Botanic Garden, Madrid, Spain.
  • Ikebana Masters: Eiko Kishi and Yoko Kinoshita.
  • Under the Auspices of Ikebana International Spain Castellana Chapter.
  • President: Mrs. Pilar Madrid. Vice President: Mrs. Marisa Alonso
  • Mr. José Manuel Blázquez





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