Metropolis and the Environment

Metropolis and the Environment

Aftermath of a mining disaster at Portman. Metropoly and the Environment: The Promise of Progress.
A Photo Essay by VCrown

“Not all the winds, and storms, and earthquakes, and seas, and seasons of the world, have done so much to revolutionize as Man, the power of an endless life, has done since the day he became forth upon it, and received dominion over it”.

H. Bushnell, Sermon on the Power of an Endless Life.

Metropolis and the Environment from vincent crown on Vimeo.

It is a legal maxim that “the law concerneth not itself with trifles,” de minimus non curat lex; but in the vocabulary of nature, little and great are terms of comparison only; she knows no trifles, and her laws are as inflexible in dealing with an atom as with a continent or a planet. The human operations mentioned in the last few paragraphs, therefore, do act in the ways ascribed to them, though our limited faculties are at present, perhaps forever, incapable of weighing their immediate, still more their ultimate consequences. But our inability to assign definite values to these causes of the disturbance of natural arrangements is not a reason for ignoring the existence of such causes in any general view of the relations between man and nature, and we are never justified in assuming a force to be insignificant because its measure is unknown, or even because no physical effect can now be traced to it as its origin. The collection of phenomena must precede the analysis of them, and every new fact, illustrative of the action and reaction between humanity and the material world around it, is another step toward the determination of the great question, whether man is of nature or above her.

Man and Nature or Physical Geography as Modified by Human Action. George P. Marsh. 1865

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