Photo Essay: La Union, a Mining Sierra

Photo Essay: La Unión, a Mining Sierra

La Union, a Mining Sierra.

Devastation to the Environment followed by Rapacious Real State Speculation.

What About their People?

The following Photo Essay is part of a personal project about environmental damages as a consequence of industrial mechanistic endeavours and lucre prone real state enterprises.

The Photo Essay is divided into eight posts listed below.  Each post deals with an specific subject. A post about the magic of the people who suffered during centuries from exploitation, illiteracy, bribery and now real state speculation, is included in the form of a unique character.

Here is the story of a place in Earth that deserves to me remembered and fully recovered under complete sustainability and ecological principles, meaning: no real state enterprises.



Acknowledgements: I like to thank Mr. Pedro Marto and the Sierra Minera Foundation for their generosity. I like to thanks as well Mrs Ana, Pilar and Virginia for the visit and comments about the history of mining in La Unión and the visit to Agrupa Vicenta. It is a pleasure to thank Pedro, Botanical Gardener at Huerto Pío for sharing his knowledge and for allowing me to photograph very soon in the morning. And finally I want to thank Mr Rogelio Mouzo Pagán for sharing with me his knowledge and his values.

Thanks to all of them and to the Sierra Minera Foundation for doing such a great work preserving the history of the Sierra Minera and its people out of nothing.

Please take a Sit


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