Silicon Valley Lifestyle VCrown New Enterprise

Silicon Valley Lifestyle VCrown New Enterprise

Hi to everyone, here I introduce you to my new enterprise, a collaboration for Euroresidentes, Spain´s 5th most important Internet Portal and Social Content Group with more than 12 million users per month.

The project is a blog about Silicon Valley Lifestyle and here is the link an a bit of a translation.

Welcome to Silicon Valley Lifestyle, a blog made by a photographer who ran looking for the sun and landed in Palo Alto on a plane flying sideways. This is Silicon Valley, the most fascinating geographical area of the world. A unique place where everything works backwards, or rather, where everything works as it should really run the world. That is, neither more nor less.

The Search for the Sun

Thank you all, thank you Euroresidentes and Ityis Siglo XXI Corporation and thank you to the Silicon Valley.


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