Photo Shoot at The Road to Hades

Photo Shoot at The Road to Hades

The Shotgun Players

The Shotgun Players, a theater company created in 1992 by Patrick Dooley, has performed in more than 40 different spaces. Now, settled at the Ashby Stage in Southern Berkeley the Company creates fearless, provocative and relevant theater that examine ourselves and the world.

In 2011, The Shotgun Players is performing Beardo, Care of Trees, The Road to Hades, Phaedra and God´s Plot. On august the 27th I had the opportunity  to photo document The Road to Hades from backstage rituals to the play itself.

I want to thank the Shotgun Players, Hanah Zahner, Andrea Weber, Chelsea Pegrsm, Dan Bruno, eli Wirtschafter, Elizabeth Lisle, Jeff Raz, Joanie McBrien, Kathleen Rivara, Margaret Whitaker, Martin Flynn, Naomi Zingman, Patrick Dooley, R. Black, Sabrina Kelin, Larissa Farias, Tristan Cunningham  and many others for their great work and gratitude.

The Road to Hades:

  • Written by JEFF RAZ
  • Original Music by JOHANNES MAGER
  • Directed by SABRINA KLEIN

Johannes Mager plays a mute Apollo

Tristan Cunningham. Women of Hades

Eli Baden-Laser

Jeff Raz as Aristophanes

The Road to Hades 1

The Road to Hades 2

Eli Wirtschafter

Ryan O'Donnell

Julie Douglas

John Mercer

Larissa Farias

Corrine Robkin

Velina Brown

Ben Euphrat

Isaiah Allison

Brian Trybom

Michael Kelly

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